The Merton Journal - Earlier Editions.

The Merton Journal - Earlier Editions.

ISSN 1366-3593

Details of the contents of earlier editions of The Merton Journal:

  1994 Easter 1994. Vol.1.1 Advent 1994. Vol.1.2
  1995 Easter 1995. Vol.2.1 Advent 1995. Vol.2.2
  1996 Easter 1996. Vol.3.1 Advent 1996. Vol.3.2
  1997 Easter 1997. Vol.4.1 Advent 1997. Vol.4.2
  1998 Easter 1998. Vol.5.1 Advent 1998. Vol.5.2
  1999 Easter 1999. Vol.6.1 Advent 1999. Vol.6.2
  2000 Easter 2000. Vol.7.1 Advent 2000. Vol.7.2
  2001 Easter 2001. Vol.8.1 Advent 2001. Vol.8.2
  2002 Easter 2002. Vol.9.1 Advent 2002. Vol.9.2
  2003 Easter 2003. Vol.10.1 Advent 2003. Vol. 10.2
  2004 Easter 2004. Vol. 11.1 Advent 2004. Vol. 11.2
  2005 Easter 2005. Vol. 12.1 Advent 2005. Vol. 12.2
  2006 Easter 2006. Vol. 13.1 Advent 2006. Vol. 13.2
  2007 Easter 2007. Vol. 14.1 Advent 2007. Vol. 14.2
  2008 Easter 2008. Vol. 15.1 Advent 2008. Vol. 15.2
  2009 Easter 2009. Vol. 16.1 Advent 2009. Vol. 16.2
  2010 Easter 2010. Vol. 17.1 Advent 2010. Vol. 17.2
  2011 Easter 2011. Vol.18.1 Advent 2011. Vol. 18.2
  2012 Easter 2012. Vol. 19.1 Advent 2011. Vol. 19.2
  2013 Easter 2013. Vol.20.1 Advent 2013. Vol.20.2
  2014 Easter 2014. Vol.21.1 Advent 2014. Vol. 21.2
  2015 Easter 2015. Vol. 22.1 Advent 2015. Vol. 22.2
  2016 Easter 2016. Vol. 23.1 Advent 2016. Vol. 23.2

  Volume 1   
  The Easter 1994 issue, Vol.1 No.1 included: The Advent 1994 issue, Vol.1 No.2 included:  
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  Volume 2   
  The Easter 1995 issue, Vol.2 No.1 included: The Advent 1995 issue, Vol.2 No.2 included:  
  • Forest, Jim. "Thomas Merton and the Christ of the Byzantine Icons."
  • Costello, Hilary, OCSO. "Fr Louis' Mertonia."
  • Hill, Selima. "A Girl Called Owen."
  • Poetry by Michael Woodward.
  • Moore, Sebastian, OSB. "Nova Notivitas."
  • One who passes by, a poem by Chris McDonnell.
  • Scott, David. "Merton-Milosz, Milosz-Merton."
  • Murray, Donal. "Abbatial Blessing."
  • Sobhano, Venerable. "Two Mountains Never Meet."
  • Pearson, Paul M. "The Art of Serious Correspondence."
  • Hart, Patrick, OCSO. "Merton's Journals."
  • Waldron, Robert. "Thomas Merton and T.S. Eliot: Poets in Search of a Soul."
  • McDonnell, Chris."Merton and the Changing Days."
  • Andrews, Ruth. "A Journey of Hope."
  • King, Peter C. "Explorers in the Dark Night."
  • Moore, Sebastian, OSB. "Theotokos."
  • Sobhano, Venerable. "Rain on Marshal Tito Square."
  • Poems by Michael Woodward.
  • A Selection of Book Reviews.
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  Volume 3  
  The Easter 1996 issue, Vol.3 No.1 included: The Advent 1996 issue, Vol.3 No.2 included:  
  • Talbott, Harold. "The Jesus Lama: An Interview."
  • Hart, Patrick, OCSO. "Thomas Merton's 80th Birthday."
  • Tastard, Terry. "The Mystery of God."
  • Thomson, Ian. "Mount Saint Bernard."
  • Graham, Terry. "Sufism: the 'Strange Subject'."
  • Pearson, Paul M. "By Their Metaphors Shall You Know Them."
  • Sobhano, Ajahn. "Sunset over Serbia."
  • Cardenal, Ernesto. "Cas Cavernas."
  • A Selection of Book Reviews.
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  Volume 4  
  The Easter 1997 issue, Vol.4 No.1 included The Advent 1997 issue, Vol.4 No.2 included  
  • van Dam, Thea. "Thomas Merton's Journey with William Blake."
  • Thomas Merton's Cambridge 1933 - A Poem by David Scott.
  • Kirilenkov, Andrei. "Merton and Moscow."
  • King, Peter C. "Eva Gay - A Novel Revisited."
  • Three Poems by Padraig Daly.
  • Somerset-Ward, Richard. "Reginald Somerset-Ward."
  • Two Poems by Michael Woodward.
  • Hall, Gary. "In the Beginning - A Word."
  • Stenqvist,  Catharina. "Is There Something - Or Nothing?"
  • Thomson, Ian. "All Things to All Men - Merton as Letter-Writer."
  • Pearson, Paul M. "Merton Resources - An Outline."
  • Book Reviews by Brother Patrick Hart, Danny Sullivan and Tony Pannet.
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  Volume 5  
  The Easter 1998 issue, Vol.5 No.1 included: The Advent 1998 issue, Vol.5 No.2 included :  
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  Volume 6   
  The Easter 1999 issue, Vol.6 No.1 included: The Advent 1999 issue, Vol.6 No.2 included:  
  • Emmott, David. "The Gift to be Simple: Thomas Merton and the Inner City."
  • Forest, Jim. "The Serbian Orthodox Church: Not What We Have Been Led to Believe."
  • Poems by Simon Bailey.
  • Allchin, A. M. "The University Sermon."
  • Woodhouse, Patrick. "Out of India: Towards a More Inclusive Spirituality."
  • McDonnell, Chris. "Hungry Ghosts."
  • Walls, Diana. "Water out of Sunlight."
  • Woodward, Michael. "Contemplative Prayer: A Commentary."
  • van Dam, Thea. "A Visit to Chithurst."
  • Pearson, Paul M. Rev. of The Intimate Merton.
  • Book Reviews by Paul M Pearson, David Scott, Danny Sullivan, Ian Thomson and Dominic Walker, OGS.
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Volume 7
The Easter 2000 issue, Vol.7 No.1 included The Advent 2000 issue, Vol.7 No.2 included
  • Forest, Jim. "Thomas Merton's Journey to the Undivided Church."
  • Cluysenaar, Anne. "Your Garden - 'One Good Place'."
  • Long, Bill. "The Country of Standing Still."
  • Barry, Patrick. "Are There Any Monastic Vocations in the World Today."
  • Five Poems by Tan Issaramuni.
  • Hempstead Milton, Sheila M. "Shared Facts, Different Stories: The Mother of Thomas Merton." 36-50.
  • Book Reviews by Paul M Pearson, Pat O'Connell, and Michael Woodward
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Volume 8
  The Easter 2001 issue, Vol.8 No.1 included The Advent 2001 issue, Vol.8 No.2 included  
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Volume 9
  The Easter 2002 issue, Vol.9 No.1 included The Advent 2002 issue, Vol.9 No.2 included  
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Volume 10
  The Easter 2003 issue, Vol.10 No.1 included The Advent 2003 issue, Vol.10 No.1 included  
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Volume 11
  The Easter 2004 issue, Vol.11, No.1 included The Advent 2004 issue, Vol.11, No.2 included  
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Volume 12
  The Easter 2005 issue, Vol.12, No.1 included The Advent 2005 issue, Vol.12, No.2 included  
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Volume 13
  The Easter 2006 issue, Vol.13, No.1 included The Advent 2006 issue, Vol. 13, No.2, included:  
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Volume 14
  The Easter 2007 issue, Vol. 14, No.1, included: The Advent 2007 issue, Vol. 14, No.2, included:  
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Volume 15
  The Easter 2008 issue, Vol. 15, No.1, included: The Advent 2008 issue, Vol. 15, No.2, included:  
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Volume 16
  Easter 2009 issue, Vol. 16, No.1, included: Advent 2009 issue, Vol. 16, No.2, included:  
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Volume 17
  Easter 2010 issue, Vol. 17, No.1, included: Advent 2010 issue, Vol. 17, No.2, included:  
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Volume 18
  Easter 2011 issue, Vol. 18, No.1, included: Advent 2011 issue, Vol. 18, No.2, included:  
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Volume 19
  Easter 2012 issue, Vol. 19, No.1, included: Advent 2012 issue, Vol. 19, No.2, included:  
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Volume 20
  Easter 2013 issue, Vol. 20, No.1, included: Advent 2013 issue, Vol. 20, No.2, included:  
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Volume 21
Easter 2014 issue, Vol. 21, No.1, included: Vol. 22, No.2 - Special Edition - Universal Vision:, A Centenary Celebration of Thomas Merton included:
  •  The Impact of Saint-Antonin and Montauban on the Life of Thoms Merton by Dominique Brulé.
  • Thomas Merton at Cambridge - Rediscovered Writings by Thomas Merton. Paris in Chicago, Night Out, and A Crust for Egoists by Thomas Merton.
  • Moved by Grace: The Joy of the Gospel and the Misery of Creativity by Gary Hall.
  • Living the Question by Lars Adolfsson.
  • Thomas Merton and Giorgio La Pira: a Friendship for Peace by Maurizio Renzini.
  • A Conversation with Dr Hildegard Goss-Mayr by Detlev Cuntz.
  • The Bystander Motif in the Social Writings of Thomas Merton by James G.R. Cronin.
  • Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Batista Montini) and Thomas Merton by Mario Zaninelli.
  • Questioning the Male-Femaile dichotomy through Thomas Merton's Poetry by Sonia Petisco.
  • Glimpses of Merton's Abiding Frenchness in The Geography of the Lograire by Malgorzata Poks.
  • Thomas Merton: A Celebration of the Person by Fernando Beltrán Llavador
  • A Liberator, a Reconciler by A.M. Allchin.
  • Finding Merton by David Scott. 2 Poems by David Scott.
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Volume 22
  The Easter 2015 issue, Vol.22 No.1, included: The Advent 2015 issue, Vol.22 No.2, included:  
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Volume 23
  The Easter 2016 issue, Vol.23 No.1, included: The Advent 2016 issue, Vol.23 No.2, included:  
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