Thomas Merton:
Poet, Monk Prophet

Conference Papers from the Second General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland
held at Oakham School, Oakham from March 27-29, 1998.


Canon A.M. Allchin - "A Day in the Life of Thomas Merton."

The Merton Journals:

A Round-table Discussion of Merton Journal Editors chaired by Mrs Tommie O'Callaghan, featuring Brother Patrick Hart, Lawrence Cunningham, Victor A. Kramer and Christine M. Bochen.


General Sessions:

Rt Rev Rowan Williams - "New Words for God: Contemplation and Religious Writing."

Dr Esther de Waal - "Merton's Seeing Eye."

Fr Basil Pennington. OCSO. - "Thomas Merton: Cistercian Monk."

Concurrent Sessions Papers:

Thomas Merton Poet:

Bonnie Thurston. "Thomas Merton Poet: Human Love and the Love of God in Eighteen Poems."

Paul M Pearson. "The Geography of Lograire: Thomas Merton’s Final Prophetic Vision."

Christine M Bochen. "Speaking of Contemplation: A Matter of Metaphor."

Sonia Petisco. "Recovering our Innocence: The Influence of William Blake on the Poetry of Thomas Merton."

Thomas Merton Monk:

Victor A Kramer. "A Journal Turned Toward the World: Merton’s Private Record and Developing Public Awareness."

Catharina Stenqvist. "How Postmodern is Thomas Merton?"

Michael J Callaghan. "The influence of the English Mystical Tradition on Thomas Merton's life and writings."

David Scott. "An Apophatic Landscape. "

Thomas Merton Prophet:

Colin Albin. "Thomas Merton and Inter-faith Dialogue: Exploring a Way Forward."

John Wu. "Thomas Merton: The Once & Future Paradigm."

Patrick Eastman. "For the Sake of the World."

Danny Sullivan. "In Praise of Insanity: Revisiting Thomas Merton’s Devout Meditation in Memory of Adolf Eichmann. "


Christine Jensen Hogan. "An Introduction to 'Un Pas de Deux, Un Pas de Dieu'."

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