Your Heart Is My Hermitage

[Drawing of Merton's Hermitage by Lindsay Nevin.]

Conference papers from the First General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland held at La Sainte Union College, Southampton from 17th - 19th May, 1996.



Canon A.M. Allchin - "Celebrating Thomas Merton."

Merton's Friends:

Tommie O'Callaghan, Donald Allchin, Jim Forest and John Wu, Jr. and chaired by David Scott:
Remembering Merton: A Round Table Discussion Between a Few of Merton's Friends

Main Conference Addresses: 

Melvyn Matthews - "Inclusive and Exclusive Mysticism in Thomas Merton."

Mary Grey - "Escape the World or Change the World: Toward a Feminist Theology of Contemplation."

Robert E. Daggy - "Question and Revelation: Merton's Recovery of the Ground of Birth."

Concurrent Session Papers:

Thomas Merton and Other Traditions:

Erlinda Paguio - "A Heart that Knows God: Merton and Sufism."

Marie Goldstein - "Thomas Merton, The Bible, Jewish Mysticism and Martin Buber."

John Wu, Jr. - "The Zen in Thomas Merton."

Thomas Merton on Solitude and Community:

Gary P. Hall - "Autonomy and Surrender, Solitude and Intimacy: A Belated Response to Walter E. Conn."

Fernando Beltran Llavador - "Brother Silence, Sister Word: Merton's Conversion and Conversation in Solitude and Society."

Richard Fournier - "The Hospitable Hermitage: Where the Hearts of God, Self, Other and World Meet."

Thomas Merton - The Early Years:

Paul M. Pearson - "Thomas Merton: The Earliest Stories."

Sheila and Christian Hempstead - "Reading Dante's Commedia in Merton's Seven Storey Mountain."

Arthur W. Biddle - "Thomas Merton and Robert Lax: A Friendship in Letters."

Thomas Merton and the Human Community:

George A. Kilcourse - "Thomas Merton and Racism: 'Letters to a White Liberal' Reconsidered."

Christopher Nugent - "Thomas Merton and James Joyce."

Thomas del Prete - "The Contemplative as Teacher: Learning from Thomas Merton."


Jim Forest - "A Sunday Homily."

The Venerable Ajahn Sobhano - "A Final Blessing."

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