Guard the Human Image
For It Is the Image of God


Edited by Gary Hall and Detlev Cuntz.

Münsterschwarzach: Vier Türme , 2019.




Gary Hall and Detlev Cuntz  - "Foreword: Guard the Human Image for it is the Image of God."


Michael Reepen, OSB - "Greetings and Welcome."


Paul M. Pearson - "Greetings from Kentucky."


Anselm Grün , OSB - "Attention to Language."


Bonnie B. Thurston - "Thomas Merton on the Gifts of a Guilty Bystander."


Andreas Ebert - "Overcoming Dualism – Unifying Experiences in Thomas Merton’s Dream Life."


Gary Hall - "Awakening from Barth's Dream."


Ashley Cocksworth - "Why Barth Needs Merton."


Detlev Cuntz and Paul M. Pearson  - "'Wisdom Cries the Dawn Deacon’ – The Healing Power of the Night Spirit and the Dawn Air."


Kosmas Lars Thielmann , OCist - "Thomas Merton and Romano Guardini."


Wunibald Müller - "Thomas Merton - Sermon Offered on January 13, 2019 at the Abbey Church of Münsterschwarzach."


Małgorzata Poks - "'Lamb Admits Ties to Cain' – The Human, the Less-Than-Human, and the Kin(g)dom in Thomas Merton's The Geography of Lograire."

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