Electronic Publications about Thomas Merton


John Eudes Bamberger, OCSO - "Thomas Merton (1915- 1968) Cistercian Monk and Author."

Alan Altany - "Thomas Merton: The Rediscovered Geography of an American Mystic."

Alan Altany - "Thomas Merton's Poetry: Emblems of a Saced Season."

Alan Altany - "The Thomas Merton Connection: What was the Christian Monk looking to find in his Dialogue with Buddhism."

James Conner, OCSO - "The Meaning of the Contemplative Life According to Thomas Merton."

Richard Fournier - "The Eyes to See: The Poetic and Prophetic Vision of Thomas Merton."

Monica Furlong - "Alienation and Solitude."

Gary P. Hall - "Demythologising our Times: Work in Progress."

Gary P. Hall - "In the beginning, a Word... "

Gary P. Hall - "Infinity in a Grain of Salt."

Patricia Lefevere - "The Strange Case of the Monk in the Shower: Questions Surrounding the Death of Thomas Merton."

Paul M Pearson - "Celtic Monasticism as a Metaphor for Thomas Merton's Journey."

Paul M. Pearson - "Poetry of the Sneeze: Thomas Merton and Nicanor Parra."

Paul M. Pearson - "Thomas Merton and the Christian Search for Wholeness and Holiness."

Angus Stuart - "Visions of Tom - Jack Kerouac's Monastic Elder Brother."

Bernard van Waes. OHC - "Thomas Merton and the Shakers."

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