Thomas Merton:
Monk on the Edge


Edited by Ross Labrie and Angus Stuart.

North Vancouver, BC.: Thomas Merton Society of Canada, 2012.




Ross Labrie - "Introduction."

Michael W. Higgins - "Prophecy and Contemplation."

Susan McCaslin - "Merton's Mystical Visions: A Widening Circle."

Bruce K. Ward - "Apocalypse and Modernity."

Paul Dekar - "Technology and the Loss of Paradise."

Angus Stuart - "Merton and the Beats."

Ron Dart - "Peacemaker."

Ryan Scrugg - "Interreligious Dialogue."

Donald Grayston - "Thomas Merton in Asia: The Polonnaruwa Illumination."

Lynn R. Szabo - "The Mystical Ecology of Thomas Merton's Poetics."

Ross Labrie - "Merton on Atheism in Camus."

Susan McCaslin - "Afterword."


Copyright (c) by the Authors. All Rights Reserved

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