Thomas Merton:
A Mind Awake in the Dark

Conference Papers from the Third General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland
held at Oakham School, Oakham from April 7-9, 2000.


A.M. Allchin - "Merton and Traherne - The Two Thomases."

Main Conference Addresses:

Lawrence S. Cunningham - "Who is a Stranger?"

Christine M. Bochen - "Radiant Darkness: The Dawning into Reality."

Dominic Walker - "Sharing Our Faith Journey: For Merton There Is No Stranger."

The Poetry of Thomas Merton:

Christine M. Bochen - "Louisville Airport, May 5, 1966."

Patrick O'Brien - "'To Credit Marvels': Grace's House."

Paul M. Pearson - "Cargo Catechism, from The Geography of Lograire."

David Scott - "Mosaic: St. Praxed's."

Michael Woodward - "For My Brother: Missing in Action, 1943."

Merton and the East:

Patrick Eastman - "Marriage of East and West: The Contribution of Thomas Merton and Bede Griffiths to Inter-religious Dialogue."

Danny Sullivan and Kim Wolfe-Murray - "When the Light of the East Meets the Wisdom of the West."

Merton and Monasticism:

Monika-Clare Ghosh - "Night is our Ministry."

Gary P. Hall - "A City is Something You Do."

Merton and the Heart:

Rich Fournier - "The Portable Cloister of the Heart: Emerging New Forms of the Monastic Impulse."

David Henderson - "Self-experience in Thomas Merton and C.G. Jung: Apophatic and Cataphatic Traditions in the 20th Century."

Merton and the Mystics:

John Noffsinger - "Thomas Merton and the Edenic Vision."

Cristobal Serran-Pagany Fuentes - "Merton's Understanding of the Mystical Doctrine of Saint John of the Cross' Dark Night of the Soul."


Patrick O'Brien - "'And when I am lifted up from the earth I shall draw all to myself' - a homily."

Supplement: A selection of poems performed at the Conference Poetry Reading:

Patrick O'Brien - "Antigone c.20th Century."

David Scott - "Pablo Casals Plays to the Wall."

Diana Walls - "Water Out of Sunlight."

Michael Woodward - "Red."


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