Across the Rim of Chaos:
Thomas Merton’s Prophetic Vision

Conference Papers from the Fifth General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland
- Held in Birmingham from June 18-20, 2004.


Angus Stuart - "Introduction."

Main Conference Addresses: 

Diana Francis - "War, Peace and Faithfulness."

Tina Beattie - "'Vision in Obscurity': Discerning Peace in Fearful Times."

Fernando Beltran Llavador - "Unbinding Prometheus: Thomas Merton And The 'Patient Architecture Of Peace'."

Concurrent Session Papers:

Joseph Quinn Raab - "A Naked Emperor at the Rim of Chaos: The War on Terror and the Crisis of Language."

David Joseph Belcastro - "Chanting on the Rim of Chaos: Sane Language in an Insane World."

Nigel Martin - "Beyond The Politics Of Peacemaking: Retrieving the Mystery of Hospitality."

Mary Frances Coady - "Truth Hidden in Untruth: Thomas Merton and Alfred Delp."

Patrick F. O'Connell - "Thomas Merton's Civil Rights Poetry."

Gerald Grudzen - "Martin Luther King and Thomas Merton: Prophets of World Peace."

Larry Culliford - "The New Heroism - Faith and Courage: Vital Remedies Against Terror and Fear."

Paul M. Pearson - "The Artist in a Time of Crisis: Thomas Merton's Artistic Response."

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