The World in My Bloodstream:
Thomas Merton's Universal Embrace

Conference Papers from the Fourth General Meeting of the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland
held at Oakham School, Oakham from April 5-7, 2002.


Angus Stuart - "Introduction."

Presidential Address:

A.M. Allchin - "The Hesychastic Heart of Thomas Merton’s Universal Embrace."

Main Conference Addresses:

Robert Inchausti - "Beyond Political Illusion: Thomas Merton on the Role of the Individual in Troubled Times."

Bonnie Thurston - "Three Islamic Poems By Thomas Merton."

Donald Grayston - "Finding ‘the Great Compassion, Mahakaruna’: Thomas Merton as Trans-Cultural Pioneer."

Concurrent Session Papers:

Michael R. Sobocinski - "Love and the Discovery of the True Self and Healing in Psychotherapy."

David Belcastro - "Thomas Merton and the Beat Generation: A Subterranean Monastic Community."

Angus Stuart - "Grace Beats Karma: Thomas Merton and the Dharma Bums."

Richard Berendes and Earl Madary - "Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day: The Marriage Of Contemplation And Action, A Call To Radical Hospitality."

Tom Del Prete - "The World in My Bloodstream: Merton’s Experience of Relatedness."

Judith Hardcastle - "The Mysticism of World Faiths in Merton’s Inner Experience."

Paul M. Pearson - "Redeeming the Rhinoceros: The Healing Power of the Night Spirit and the Dawn Air."

Fernando Beltrán Llavador and Sonia Petisco Martínez - "Thomas Merton’s World Discourse: Economic Globalisation versus Religious Universality."

Supplement: A selection of poems performed at the Conference Poetry Reading:

David Scott - Valley Road, Louisville; Ibn Abbad Woke Early.

Michael Woodward - Absence; A Postcard for Thomas Merton.

Bonnie Thurston - Ice Dance; Geese on a Foggy Day; Gardener's Eden.

Angus Stuart - Fragments of a Poetic Journal.

Sean Robertshaw - A Note from Gethsemane, California.


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