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The Thomas Merton Collection
at the Catholic National Library.

At the first general meeting of the Society in May 1996 a Merton Collection was inaugurated at La Sainte Union College Library. This collection was opened by Tommie O'Callaghan one of the Trustees of the Merton Legacy Trust. In the last couple of years major changes have taken place at LSU and this collection has now been relocated to the Catholic National Library.

The Catholic National Library is located at St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, Hampshire. St. Michaels is only 35mins from Waterloo and then a few minutes walk from the station. Directions and a map can be found at: Map and Directions.

Full details about the Catholic National Library can be found on their website: http://www.catholic-library.org.uk/

The Catholic National Library is a charity and is dependent on donations for its survival. Members using the Library are therefore encouraged, if at all possible, to make a donation.

This Merton collection is for reference use only and it is hoped to build it into one of the largest such collections outside the United States. It is hoped that the collection will eventually contain all the major primary and secondary sources relating to Merton's life and work.

A list of the books we are keen to purchase for the collection is available on the web at: wants. or from the secretary. If any members wish to either donate money to purchase books, or to donate books please contact David Scott, TMS, St. Lawrences, Colebrook St, Winchester. or e-mail: Paul Pearson.

The committee are very grateful to the Trustees of the Catholic National Library, the Librarian, Mrs Joan Bond, and to the staff of the Library for their help and generosity in providing a home for the Thomas Merton Collection.

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